Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition est tout aussi vaste et fantastique qu’en 2010. Bien que tous les aspects n’aient pas vieilli avec élégance, le long jeu de rôle de Monolith Soft a résisté à l’épreuve du temps et se cimente encore comme l’un des JRPG les plus mémorables de la dernière décennie. Bien que les heures

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One of the most challenging and unforgiving genres for artificial intelligence in video games is stealth. Players are tasked with sneaking into locations and conducting their business, be it to steal items of interest or eliminate targets all the while adapting to new threats and exploiting opportunities as they arise. There is an expectation that

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Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe has been ordered to pay $3.5 million in penalties by the Federal Court of Australia for making “false and misleading” claims to PlayStation users with regards to digital refunds. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) instituted proceedings against Sony in May 2019 for breaching Australian Consumer Law (ACL) by refusing to

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A roster of compelling characters is a key component of fighting game design, and at GDC Summer this August you’ll have a rare chance to hear how the fighters in NetherRealm’s award-winning Mortal Kombat 11 were supported and defined by canny use of leitmotiv. Leitmotiv is a form of melody that eschews complex, lyrical phrases in favor of simple motivic statements

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A handful of new Electronic Arts-published games have shown up on Steam alongside a reminder that EA Access is soon to arrive on the Valve-owned storefront. EA hasn’t officially shared a launch date for Steam’s EA Access, though a blog post from the company quietly notes that the service is now expected to launch later this

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